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What time is the continuous trading phase of Poland’s WIG20?
Are there any currency restrictions on the Botswana Pula?
What is the day count convention for Brazilian Real?
What is the liquidity in Singapore CDS?

The ING Emerging Markets Handbook App provides extensive financial market information across Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Over 50 local markets are closely followed across FX, Credit, Rates and Equity products. Information is perpetually updated in order to deliver the very latest details on a variety of country specific idiosyncracies, from standard pricing spreads, to liquidity conditions, to regulatory restrictions.

ING is a leading player in Emerging Markets. This information is the result of our multi-decade presence in and commitment to local markets and is updated in collaboration with the dedicated onshore teams we boast in over 20 Emerging countries.

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